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Upcoming Runs

Please Note: Parents are responsible for their own offspring. Participation is undertaken entirely at your own risk. Photos are taken during the event, and displayed on this web site.

Haring a run?

Send an email to the webmaster (webmaster@barbadoshash.com) and provide the details of your run including:

  • Start location
  • Names of the hares
  • Directions, or where you will post the signs
  • Any other important details
It is the Hare's responsibility to collect the coolers, flour and signs immediately after the run before yours.
It is also the Hare's responsibility to find a replacement if you cannot set an agreed-to run.

Next Run:

Run #1702

Date : Saturday 25 October @ 4:00 pm

Hare : Barry "Doubles"

Location : Hopefield, Christ Church

Directions : Signs posted from the last left turn (to Charnocks) on ABC Highway before the Airport roundabout.
Take last left turn before the airport roundabout, proceed through Charnocks and Walronds to T-junction. Make right turn and proceed pass Hopefiled House / Stable to cartroad and follow signs to casuarina trees.

Note : It's Burger Day! Get your all dressed burger for 2 tickets or $7!

Bring your MUG, MONEY and a comfy chair and plan to stay after the run!

Run #1703

Date : Saturday 1 November @ 3:30 pm

Hares : Jim & Floyd

Location : St. Bartholomew Primary School, Upper Parish Land, Christ Church

Directions : Off the ABC Hwy. going towards the airport. Make first right after Chick Mont Roundabout, follow the signs.
From St. Philip, Hwy 7, turn left after Shell Gas Station in Pilgrim Rd, opposite Express Hardware.

Note : The BBQ will be available, bring your meat, mugs, money and comfy chair and plan to stay after the run!
We don't provide cups or mugs so please bring your own!

Run # Date Hare(s)
1704 8 November
Tim "Agent Orange"
1705 15 November
Linda M & Chris H
1706 22 November
Raymond "Kuntpuss" & Liam
1707 29 November
Burger Day!
Floyd & Katarina "Kit Kat"
1708 Monday 1 December
Independence Day
10 am start!
Oneal "Kcuntsultant"
1709 6 December
Jimmy & Tarzan
1710 13 December
Christmas Hash!
Brigitte & Ian
1711 20 December
1712 Friday 26 December
Boxing Day - 10 am start!
1713 27 December
Burger Day!

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